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Kisan Mitra is an initiative to improve the last mile delivery of the support systems for agriculture, by facilitation at the farmer level, setting up systems for improving governance at the district level, setting up grievance and redressal system and independent audit of the performance of farm support services

Help line

Kisan Mitra call-centre to provide easy access to information about government services, and a grievance redressal mechanism to strengthen governance.

Improving Governance

Working with the district administration, to improve the design, setting up of accountability and resolving the issues in administering the farm support services

Access to Services

Facilitating farmers to improve the last mile delivery of the farm support services through volunteers, Farmer Collectives, NGOs, Entrepreneurs and Field Staff

Policy updates

Updates on policy initiatives by the government to improve support for farming, regulatory measures, comments, studies and reports


Assessing performance of governments on selected socio economic indicators of farmer well being and ecological indicators of farm sustainability

Farmer Suicides

Farmer Suicides data, analysis, reports, public response, supporting the families for rehabilitation, educational counselling for the children

Kisan Mitra

Kisan Mitra is an effort to improve last mile delivery of farm support services and a grievance redressal mechanism to strengthen governance.

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